Warmer... warmer... hot!

For all of our fashionista friends -  

A guide to getting your shoe game on point for spring/summer!

Wondering what's heating up runways and stylish soles this season? Check it out...

1. Slides, slides and more slides

You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a slide these days (where did that turn or phrase come from anyway?) Slides are a key look. And what's not to love? Easy-peasy, slip on and go, go, go. Flats or heels, casual or dressy, closed toe or sandals, in every shade of the rainbow and then some. Slide fans rejoice!

We think special attention should be paid to this stunning style by Spanish designer P. Monjo. Truly original, with supple, dark-denim finished leather and a rounded, white washed heel. Our personal favourite slide of the season! So singular and beautiful. 

2. Flatforms

Whether it's the perfect white sneaker or a sculpted sandal that could be classified as art, we love it when flatforms are showing heavily. They add height, without the feel of a heel. Plus they take on an edgy aesthetic with ease. Always great for amping up/modernizing your look - day or night. Bonus points when blue, the season's hot hue, is incorporated! 

3. Tie-Up Detailing 

Be still our shoe-loving hearts! Romantic, sweet and feminine. We are obsessed. And apparently so are you! This beautiful, blush pink pump has been a phenomenal seller this spring. We are sad to say we are already down to one pair! Hot, indeed.

4. Gladiators

Strappy, sexy, summertime. If you're feeling boho/casual, go for a distressed, vintage-vibe flat (BedStu does a bang of job of this look!). Looking for something more delicate/dressy? Try a birdcage style in a lovely metallic leather! Either a wedge or flat will do!
So there you have it. Get ready spring! Watch out summer! We are well prepared, looking fine and coming for you. Can't wait!