Waiting with bated breathe...

Every day clients come in asking when spring stock is arriving. It's always been a funny phenomenon to me that people are always anticipating spring sandals while snow swirls on the ground. To me it's the wonderful optimism and excitement fresh, new stock incites in all of us.

I sit here on the edge of my chair in anticipation of the next delivery van pulling into a spot in front. It must be for me! As they pull away, I feel like a dejected child at Christmas when he doesn't get the coveted gift. Ahhhh but when I see the boxes piling up and the delivery person heads towards my door I'm gleeful and giddy.

As you can tell from the pics, no one is more excited by new arrivals than the durand girls. It's like Christmas for us, day after day those shipments arrive and we bust into those boxes.

Luxurious leathers, sumptuous colours, delicious details, all for us to soak in. Heels, flats, sandals, booties, espadrilles, it's sensory overload. Yum, we have to restrain ourselves as we check for flaws and imperfections, crossreference the orders and THEN the BEST PART...we get to try them ALL on

Finally, we've used all the restraint we can and now we slide our feet into the supple leather and pause, just pause. It's that first moment of utter appreciation for the amazing craftmanship and beauty of the shoe.

Yes, we are all waiting with bated breathe for spring shoes to arrive.