Perks of the Job: Playtime!

There are a lot of things I love about my job at durand's. For one, I get to spend my time surrounded by objects of sheer beauty - meticulously crafted and perfectly executed. And while I know that material things don't make for happiness, I do get great pleasure out of conveying my personal style. At it's best, I believe fashion can be a sincere, artful means of self expression. That you can say so many things about yourself without saying a word & that style should be approached with a sense of play.
Lucky for me, this is not the only avenue of joyful expression my job allows me! When it comes to constructing our seasonal window displays, I feel like a kid again, with glue, glitter & paint EVERYWHERE. For instance, we had discussed a tropical bird theme in the past but couldn't think of how to execute it. Until...

...Halloween! I found the idea for this flamingo costume made of feather boas in a parenting magazine. Which is only weird because I don't have children. 

And voila! A bright, bird-filled window was born!

Seriously. I can't believe I get to come to work in my mid-thirties & spend the day playing with hot glue & feathers. This is totally my jam.

How could you be unhappy while making these adorable creatures?! Although there is one Important lesson: be sure to occasionally unplug the glue gun to keep it from getting lava-hot. Learn from my mistakes, please. 

Speaking of child-like wonder, our candy store window display was also a riot to make. What could be better, as that kid-in-a-candy-store feeling is so common here?

From lollipops made from dollar store frisbees...

To luscious looking cupcakes crafted from styrofoam, spackle & spray paint. Yum!
My favourite all-time window display has to be the stylish doll mansion we did up a few years ago. The inspiration came from a display the boss saw on a trip to Palm Springs, at the vibrant Saguaro Hotel. 

I was beyond excited - this was right in my wheelhouse. I could make little, tiny doll scenes all day, every day. For instance...

 Should Barbie relax in her handmade hot tub? Or on a bearskin rug by the fire? Or in her wee, candlelit bedroom? Ooooo. It's just too delightful!. 

For me, this was the best of the best:

Barbie poker game! Complete with miniature cards, cocktail glasses & cigars. Kills me every time. 

The devil was in the details with this one. Needless to say, whether I was woodgraining tiny paper furniture, making bowls of popcorn out of beads or fashioning figure skates out of safety pins, I was endlessly amused. I still have some of these pieces decorating my own home!

I smile every time I think back on this. I'm sure I'm bound to remain a child at heart for years to come. And I'm so happy I get paid to keep acting that way!