My Geox vs. Peru; The Start of Something Great

This summer has been amazing. Bucket list amazing. I've always wanted to visit Peru and in July I got to go with one of my dearest friends. Heck yes! (First lesson learned: It is winter in Peru in July. Bring scarves, wraps & sweaters. Not much need for sundresses & shorts. Dang.)

One of the big highlights was, of course, trekking to Machu Picchu. A must. Although, many of my family and friends expressed concern about the whole trekking aspect. I am a natural klutz and am always covered in an amazing pattern of mystery bruises simply from navigating day-to-day life. One of the last pieces of advice I got before I left was not to fall off of any ruins/mountains/temples/cliffs. Fair enough.

Oh, also, my mom advised me not to contract flesh-eating disease. OK, mom. No flesh-eating disease.

Obviously, for a gal like me, footwear is always an important travel decision. Now, what will stand up to mountains, ancient stone steps, riverbeds forests and jungles? Hmmmmm.... 

Nope. Definitely not. These cute little fold-up flats were ideal for the streets, beaches, restaurants and bars of Lima. And took up next to no room in my pack. But, in no way trek worthy. I needed something to withstand some serious stress. We had a lot of work ahead of us...


I'm sure some people thought I was going to attempt this journey in a pretty pair of heels. "You know you have to dress practically, right Michelle?" Hahahaha.  C'mon! With all of the resources I have working at an utterly amazing shoe store? And with full knowledge of my innate lack of body/spacial awareness? What kind of fool do you take me for? 

Enter the Geox Nebula. Lightweight. Super flexible with a cushy rubber sole featuring perforations that let moisture out but not in. Not to mention a net breathing system that wraps the entire foot. And leather. Always leather. It's my favourite colour, smell, feel, everything. And feet love it. Good, practical choice, me!

Which, for the record, can still be made to look cute and fashion-y. By this adorable fashion blogger at And me. I just love this particular look! So fresh. And I'm already plenty present enough in this blog. How adorable is this girl, though?

So how did my Geox & I fare? More to come... The first step in many, many, many steps (but only a couple of blog posts)