Freshest Shades for Spring

Let's face it, by now everyone has had enough of winter. No more snow, please. Enough with the bundling up. And for goodness sake, it's time to step out of the drab and into something bright and fresh. We are completely enamoured with the soft, sweet and colourful palette of spring's hottest (and coolest) shoes!


Pretty pastel blues are the shade of the season. What's not to love? Reminiscent of sunny skies and ocean waves. Easy to pair with just about anything. A real breath of fresh air after a winter of dark tones.


We are absolutely mad for this flattering, feminine hue. Pale enough to be worn like a nude but so much more lovely and without the worry of pairing to you skin tone. A beautiful neutral for adding a soft touch to virtually any look! 


Even better, we love how these colours play together!! Why can't we all just get along?

 There's so much visual appeal in mixing like tones! No need to match them, just think colour family. This season's styles should integrate flawlessly into any summer wardrobe - one pair can go a long way to updating your whole look! 

Some clever designers are even doing the work for you using both colours in one fetching pair. Well done, FLY London.

3. Metallics

Sneaker or sandals, dressy or casual, metallics are one of our favourite neutrals. Always glamorous and wearable with absolutely EVERYTHING. They are an utterly beautiful no-brainer. And so...


Don't be afraid to mix your metals! These days, anything goes but metallics are a timeless failsafe. You just can't go wrong! If you want to kill two birds with one stone...

...consider a blue metallic!! Like these crazy beautiful H by Hudson booties. Yum.

So many fantastic options this spring/summer! How is a girl to chose? I'm sure we'll find a way;)