Brand feature: Chie Mihara

In 2002 Chie launched her first line of gorgeous shoes. Chie wanted to offer women something different. Something designed for and by women specifically. These shoes were to be beautiful but also functionally comfortable. Chie believed that women should be able to have shoes that are not only feminine and beautiful but not have to sacrifice comfort.

Chie designs her shoes so that women can emotionally connect to their look.

For the spring collection Chie was looking to use natural tones, browns, greys, and the ever popular metalics.

One of the most common themes we're seeing this summer is floral prints, polka dots, and picnic prints. Chies will be no exception.

Whether they follow the trends or not Chies always have a unique flair to them that you won't find anywhere else.

When over 60 pairs of hands go into each shoe it's no wonder they look this beautiful.


Each and every pair is hand crafted with care and precision

The entire spring and summer collection is located here

What will we be getting in store? Well you'll just have to wait and see!