Merry Christmas... not quite

December is my favourite month! Christmas is just around the corner and everything is covered in beautiful snow!

Navy is one of the biggest colours this season and we thought why not make it a Christmas colour too?

The store is now decorated with gorgeous navy and gold to fill the heart of event the grinchiest grinch.

Decorating the tree is one of my most favourite Christmas traditions. Lets be honest though, every tradition seems to be my favourite tradition. With our amazing theme is was easy  to incorporate navy and gold into the decorations and gifts. We've even snuck a little leopard in there!

My next mission was the window we had seen all of these gorgeous displays with hanging Christmas balls and figured it would be a great way to jazz up the store!

Window displays like these are surprisingly easy to make, all you need is a little fishing line to hang them from the roof.

We didn't just want to have the balls hanging in the window so we've incorporated a few more throughout the store too.

Pine cones are oddly festive and are a great way to make an air freshener without potpourri. 

We've got a few around the store, some are scented some aren't, can you guess which?

Scented or not these vases always look lovely and festive.

Are you scented Mr. Pinecone?


 Merry almost Christmas everyone!