When my shoe addiction takes over... (whoops?)

As a rule, University students are broke and are supposed live as such. Do they teach you that in school? Because I am pretty sure I missed that memo. As a joke my friend sent me this funny quote about shoes over groceries. Its funny but seriously... sort of true. I mean whats a few less groceries when you have BEAUTIFUL new shoes on your feet? I was feeling a little silly about my shoe obsession until one of my favorite ladies came into the store and proved this quote right. We laughed about it, but we knew it was no joke. As she strolled out of the store with her new boots, her face was as bright as if she got a brand new puppy. She came in the store a day later and still her face was as bright as the sun!
This fall I decided to splurge on my first pair of Chie Miharas. When the stress of school piles up I will look down at my feet and feel at ease. They are perfection.

This is my last week of work at Durands as I make the move to Winnipeg. I will miss having my shoe fix but I will also miss my incredible Boss and Manager. My student bank account will probably thank me, and maybe ill buy some more groceries instead of shoes, but who will I obsess about shoes with now?!