Act Your Shoe Size, Not Your Age (part 2)

Oh, memories of childhood summer. Long lake days, fast-melting ice cream, endless play time. The most heady of all was the freedom. Although no longer completely carefree, summer is still a time to be relished! Our winter's here may be wicked, but our amazing summers are the perfect antidote. Here's to approaching the season with the same zeal as years gone by!

Sense of humour? Check. Sense of youthful exuberance? Double check!

Time to feel the breeze in your hair and sun on your skin! Time to smile about simple things. Time to grab summer by the beach balls and run with it! One advantage we have now? We get to do it all in our own kick-butt shoes, instead of playing dress up in mom's. What's the occasion? Celebrating summer.

Kick-butt shoes by Coclico, Chie Mihara & Kenneth Cole New York.