Summer 2016 Footwear Trends: Part Two

This is a fellow shoe enthusiast here to talk about shoe trends to look out for this summer. In my previous excerpt I mentioned a couple styles called ghillies and then gave a quick shout-out to fringe. Now, let's talk about the bold trend of... cut-outs!

As seen above this style motif can really be a wonderful statement to bring footwear to the modern ages. This is a fantastic summer trend that looks great on. From heels to booties...


this design looks fantastic with a variety of summer styles! 

 The options are limitless with a strategically placed cut-out!

Even though this cut-out style is a summer trend this year, footwear wonderfully crafted with this style motif is timeless (especially when Coclico is involved).

John Fluevog utilized this style with a vintage approach...

I hope we all can get out our comfort zones this summer and take a chance to experiment with bold choices. Imagine the shoe above with a bright print a-line dress. How fun would it be to spot well-thought out, but fresh wardrobe choices like so!

Another style to give some loving attention would be laser cut shoes!

This picture above of our soft pink laser cut shoe looks fantastic with another summer trend... the high knee sock. I wanted to include this photo because fun "match-ups" like a detailed flat shoe with a clean-lined dress can be a fun way to experiment with today's style.

Laser cut detailing is seen in a variety of patterns. As pictured above, this pattern is wonderfully intricate and modernizes the traditional loafer (as does the fun gold upper).

To show to range of how laser cut detail can be utilized, here is a daring, sexy Kenneth Cole shoe...

The Canadian designer by the name of Ron White also has a playful interpretation of the style. The wedge pictured below will is easy & comfortable for long-wear. A black wedge is an pretty much an essential summer piece to any woman's shoe closet so why not be trendy with a fun wedge like so...

That wraps up today's session of summer trends! I hope hese designs provide inspiration for some fun new summer wardrobes choices. Until next time, let's enjoy summer!