Dressing Up & Stepping Out

Who doesn't love a good night on the town? We are ALL over any chance to put on our best and take up an evening of galavanting and carousing. In a ladylike(ish) fashion, of course. A night at the races? Heck yes! Or maybe...
... Ensemble 2016, the annual fundraiser for our local chapter of Dress for Success. We were feeling positively swish, sipping bubbles and enjoying treats from fab local eateries like Little Bird Patisserie (above), Grazing Goat, Congress Beer House, Ayden & Little Grouse. Yum. And all for a wonderful cause!
The Remai Arts Centre was the perfect setting for an evening with a glamorous and theatrical vibe. *Shoe geek moment*  We can't get over how awesome the shoes look in that silhouette! Just had to point that out. Moving on. Although speaking of shoes...
We saw lots of old "friends" from the shop out on the town too (which we adore)
And speaking of glamourous...
Vavavavoom lady! *And those shoes!* Sorry. We can't help ourselves.
There were even some bag buddies! But these are not the friends that really matter.
Naturally, it is really all about the company you keep. (The company we keep just happens to have fabulous taste in footwear;)
What a great night. What a great event. What amazing people. Until next time!
P.S. If you see a photo in this blog that is beautiful, exceptional, well-framed or at all cool, you can thank Boehmer Photography. You rock, Tam