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      • Hot Mamma

        Simply because we know so many stylish, vibrant, and sexy mammas out there... a bit of a tribute. 

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      • Act Your Shoe Size, Not Your Age (part 2)

        Oh, memories of childhood summer. Long lake days, fast-melting ice cream, endless play time. The most heady of all was the freedom. Although no longer completely carefree, summer is still a time to be relished! Our winter's here may be wicked, but our amazing summers are the perfect antidote. Here's to approaching the season with the same zeal as years gone by!
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      • Because Festival Season is the Best..ival Season

        Buzz, beats, buskers, some black clouds (and beer gardens). The streets fill with energy and anticipation. Gotta love Jazz Fest! 

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      • Rainy Day Reads, Recommended


        When glum weather just won't stop, there's nothing we like better than curling up with a good book!

        Here are some grey day suggestions from the team at durand's:

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