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      • When my shoe addiction takes over... (whoops?)

        As a rule, University students are broke and are supposed live as such. Do they teach you that in school? Because I am pretty sure I missed that memo. As a joke my friend sent me this funny quote about shoes over groceries. Its funny but seriously... sort of true....

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      • Bitter about the cost of your fav iced coffee?

        We've got a quick, easy and inexpensive solution. Cold brewing your own at home couldn't be simpler. Plus it turns out that heat is responsible for bringing out the bitter flavour of coffee, so cold brewing results in a smoother taste!

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      • The good life; kickin it poolside

        Nothing beats a refreshing swim on a hot day. No pool? Head to a friend's pool, MAKE a friend with a pool, hit up the spray park, the lake, that really big puddle down the street, whatever! Feels soooo good. Pack a suit, snacks, libations and drink it all in (not literally, pool water's not good for you)
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      • Hot Mamma

        Simply because we know so many stylish, vibrant, and sexy mammas out there... a bit of a tribute. 

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